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DotNet Threading
What is Multi-tasking?
It is a feature of modern operating system with which we can run multiple programs at same time. Example Word,Excel etc.
What is Multi-threading?
Multi-threading forms subset of Multi-tasking. Instead of having to switch between programs this feature switches between different parts of the same program. Example you are writing in word and at the same time word is doing a spell check in background.
What is a Thread?
A thread is the basic unit to which the opearting system allocates processor time.
Did VB6 support multi-threading?
While VB6 supports multiple single-threaded apartments, it does not support a free-threading model, which allows multiple threads to run against the same set of data.
Can we have multiple threads in one App domain?
One or more threads run in an AppDomain. An AppDomain is a runtime representation of a logical process within a physical process. Each AppDomain is started with a single thread, but can create additional threads from any of its threads.
Which namespace has threading?
System.Threading has all the classes related to implement threading. Any .NET application who wants to implement threading has to import this namespace.
How can we change priority and what the levels of priority are provided by .NET?
Thread priority can be changed by using Threadname.Priority = ThreadPriority.Highest.

Following are different levels of Priority provided by .NET :
What does AddresOf operator do in background?
The AddressOf operator creates a delegate object to the BackgroundProcess method. A delegate within C#VB.NET is a type-safe, object-oriented function pointer. After the thread has been instantiated,you begin the execution of the code by calling the Start() method of the thread.
How can you reference current thread of the method?
"Thread.CurrentThread" refers to the current thread running in the method. "CurrentThread" is a public static property.
What is Thread.Sleep() in threading?
Thread's execution can be paused by calling the Thread.Sleep method. This method takes an integer value that determines how long the thread should sleep. Example Thread.CurrentThread.Sleep(2000).

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